Heartbreak and Indy

With all apologies to Dan Wheldon, today was a day of heartbreak at the brickyard.  The Indy experience is always a bittersweet mixture of milk and motor oil, and for JR Hildebrand, it was devastation.

This may seem like an odd way to make the following announcement, but for anyone who knows me, it’s not. 

After nine wonderful years in Argentina, my family will likely be moving back to Indiana in August.  We are currently looking for housing and work in the Indianapolis or Ft. Wayne areas.  So today, as I watched the race with my 6 and 4 year olds, I promised them that next year, they’d be at the track for the first time.  It’s things like that give me tremendous comfort in these bittersweet final days in a country we love so deeply.  I am a blessed man with a happy, healthy family, and the opportunity to come home to the waiting arms of family and friends is a homecoming devoutly to be wished.

As for what all this means for the future of 18to88.com, I don’t entirely know yet, but my best guess at the moment is that it will radically transform this site for the best.  I’ve done my best to make up for a lack of proximity to Indianapolis by leaning on others closer to the action, but now all appearances are that we’ll be living in area again.  There are real world concerns that have to be addressed, but my hope is that you’ll see a major leap forward in the coming season. 

The next two months will be a turbulent and complicated time for me personally, as we prepare to relocate.  I know you will all be patient if my normal clock-work schedule of a post every morning by 9 AM is occasionally disrupted.

There’s no better way for me to sum it all up than this:

Milk and motor oil. 

God bless you, Indiana.  We’re coming home.