Getting to Know 18to88

Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the first post of  There are lots of good posts coming this week, but today, let me catch new readers up on features of the site they may have missed.

Articles: Some of the work done for involves detailed research.  Long-form work and interviews go up in the Articles Sidebar.  That’s where you can find some of the more detailed work that will have resonance for more than a few days.  Do yourself a favor, and spend some time catching up on older articles.  Many of them are still informative and/or funny.

Fixtures:  Fixtures mainly focus on Colts history.  This site is fanatical about the history of the team.  If you are a younger or newer Colts fan, you need to learn the history of the team.  It’s a key step to becoming a full fledged fanatic. 

Daily Links: To the lower left, I post links to stories by other writers every day.  Generally, I make a short comment and tag a quote from the article.  There are many reasons for this.  First, I love to share good work.  Second, not all news requires my comment.  Lots of routine things happen, and the whole world knows and/or we’ve already discussed the issue.  Rather than clutter up the main page with small stories that matter but to which I have nothing to add, I post them in the links.  If you aren’t reading them, you should.  I also use this to post random stuff I’m interested in (Pacers, IU, Reds, Star Wars, whatever).

Official Glossary:  If you are ever confused by any reference, check the official glossary of  Doing a daily blog requires a lot of short-hand. This fills in the gaps for new readers.

Facebook: Lots of people love Facebook.  I’m not one of them, but I am on it.  If you want material to show up as part of your Facebook feed, friend away!

Twitter: I’m active on Twitter.  You can join in the conversation by following me. Also, the rest of the crew is also on: Joe Baker, Jesse Nocon, and my brother Luke.

Blue Blood I wrote a book about the history of the Colts in Indianapolis.  Buy a copy and support the site.  Autographed copies are available upon request.

TIqIQ: If you are looking to buy Colts or Pacers tickets online, be sure to check out TiqIQ. It’s a price tool that helps you find the best deal.  Using it will help support the site.  To hunt for Pacers tickets, just use the widget on the upper right corner.  Using TiqIQ costs you NOTHING.  It’s a free service, but we get a commission if you do buy a ticket. So help yourself and help us too.  We hope to add Reds and Cubs tickets to the service soon.

Mobile App: If you have an Iphone/Ipod Touch or an Android system, we have an 18to88 app for you.  The app is free.

Podcast: In season, Luke and I do a weekly game recap called 18 Plays. In the offseason, I regularly appear on radio shows.  Subscribing to the podcast is a good step to getting in on the action.

Sponsor:  Broad Ripple Tree Service (the family business) will give you 5% off tree work if you mention

My wife’s blog: For those who are interested, Deb writes short stories and poems for children.

Email me: I respond to every email.  You can reach me at: The contact link on top of this page sends emails to that address.

Comments: I read every comment to  If it requires a response, I always respond. This blog is a conversation, so join in.