Game Preview and Open Thread: Steelers at Colts

Kick off a football Sunday with my Q/A over at The Steelers N’at.

Then come back here for today’s open thread. I’ll be checking in here and on Twitter during the early games, but tonight, I’ll  be safely ensconced in Section 616, Row 8, Seat 1. If you are at the game tonight, feel free to swing by. Be sure to check out the Gameday Follow List for all the best relevant Colts voices.

As a side note, Kravitz encourages people to support the team today. I personally had 7 different people turn down free tickets to tonight’s game. I couldn’t give my extra seats away. It’s not about not supporting the team. It’s about loving the team so much that going out to watch them get smashed is misery. No one wants to endure that. It’s not fun. We all love the Colts, and it hurts to see them like this.

As I said on Friday, I don’t think this phenomenon says anything about fan loyalty here in Indy. It’s about a franchise culture mixing perfectly with a city-wide love of ticket scalping born out of the Indy 500. 

Still, I’ll be there tonight. We’ll see who else shows.