Fun With Sound

I’ve got a special treat for you today! Movies and podcasts!

First up, check out this outstanding video of the book signing for Invincible, Indiana last month.

That was at the Indianapolis Colts Grille downtown. I’ll be at Buckets in Fort Wayne on Saturday night from 5-6:30 pm. Props to my man Chad Braham for all his amazing video work.

Second, do you want to hear me go toe to toe with some great Patriots bloggers?

Of course you do.

I spend two long interviews addressing scores of myths and misconceptions in this epic two part interview on Kickin’ it with Keeler.

First, Tuesday we talk some Colts Pats. It’s a long show, and I come in about the 27 minute mark.

Then last night they had me back for more of the same. I come in at the 1 hour 3 minute mark. They try to convince me Indy messed up by passing on Ryan Mallet. I don’t buy it.

A footnote to the second interview, for his career Dan Marino threw 110 of 420 passing TDs of 5 yards or less. Manning has thrown 108 of 399 from that range. I mean, seriously. Marino is a massive whiner.