Friday Morning Camp Report

Reader Carl M. checks in with this report as part of our Training Camp Contest:

  • Brody Eldridge performed all drills.  He looked a little out of shape but was pushing and cutting. 
  • Peyton was on the field as a WR coach.  He spent the whole morning with Gilreath, Heckendorf, Horn, and surprisingly, Chris Rucker.  Rucker got a lot of 1 on 1 with Peyton.  They appeared to be talking about formations, situations, and hot reads.  NOTE: It’s been pointed out that Rucker and Moore have the same number. Possibly Peyton was talking to WR Moore.
  • Peyton did some light jogging but looked a little smaller than normal.  I wouldn’t say frail, but more stiff than his usual stiff self. 
  • Tyson Devree looked really quick in drills for a TE. 
  • Jerry Hughes just had a different look about him. Not wide-eyed anymore.  Relaxed and focused. He also looked a little thicker than last year.