Eyes in the Backfield-Jets (Playoffs)

18 Things to Watch for During Saturday’s Colts Jets Game

Ooooh, so scary!

It’s playoff time, and for the second year in a row, the Colts are taking on the Jets in the playoffs. There’s no Super Bowl trip waiting at the end of this rainbow, however.  The winner gets to travel to either New England or Pittsburgh.  It’s not exactly a great prize, but both teams will play their hearts out.  Here’s what to watch for in Saturday’s Wild Card Game:

1. Watch for kick returns. The Jets are going to have to find ‘non-traditional’ means of scoring.  Brad Smith is a dynamic return man, and the Colts are a mess on special teams.  If the Jets can get short fields, or even a score from their return game, it could be just what they need to upset the Colts.

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