Don’t Forget to Get Tickets!

You may have noticed the slick new TiqIQ ad to the right.  It’s updated so now you can chose Pacers, Reds, or Colts tickets.

TiqIQ searches the internet for the best prices on secondary market tickets.  Using the TiqIQ applications costs you nothing, and helps you find the best deals online. Rather than search several sites on your own, TiqIQ will help you find the best price in whatever section you want to sit.  If you are looking to save money on nosebleed seats or score a pair in the first row, TiqIQ will help you find what’s out there and let you comparison shop all from the convenience of one site.  They aren’t selling you tickets, they are just helping you find good deals.

By purchasing Reds, Pacers, or Colts tickets through TiqIQ, you are also supporting  You can always find TiqIQ on the upper right corner or on the banner above.  We are hoping to add more teams soon. Stay tuned.