Discounts on Pacers Bulls Playoff Tickets!

TiqIQ has come through again with another way to save you money.  For a limited time, you can get $25 discount on ticket orders for $300 or more from TicketsNow and 10% off from TicketNetwork when you order through 18to88 Tickets and TiqIQ.

So, head down to the Fieldhouse on Thursday night and cheer on the Blue and Gold.  Get the best seats for the best prices from and TiqIQ.

Just a note: I know I promote TiqIQ heavily, but there are two reasons for that. First, I have to pay the bills around here. But the second is that it’s a great site and a great service for fans of the Colts, Pacers or Reds.  Using TiqIQ to purchase tickets on the secondary market just makes good sense.  It saves you time and money.

Note: this deal isn’t for all tickets purchased through TiqIQ. It’s for NBA playoff tickets purchased from TicketsNow and TicketNetwork through the TiqIQ site.  Not all the tickets on TiqIQ are from those vendors.  Make sure to use the correct codes!.