Dent and Faulk are heading to Canton

A hearty congratulations to former Colts Richard Dent and Marshall Faulk for being elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Faulk went to three Pro Bowls and helped the Colts make the playoffs twice.  His 1998 season is one of the best seasons ever by a Colt (hmm, I smell an article idea…).

You can read all about my love for Faulk in Blue Blood.  He took the time to talk to recently:


He ranks 2nd in yards, rushing touchdowns and 6th in catches in Indianapolis history. He went to three Pro Bowls and won Rookie of the Year while with Indianapolis.

Dent was a major contributor to the 1996 Colts.  With 6.5 sacks from the end position, he helped Indy qualify for a second consecutive playoff berth.  He’s better known for his time with the Bears, but Colts fans are grateful for his contributions to one of the great Colts teams of the pre-Manning era.