Colts Sign Collins

It’s official: the Colts front office is insane.

With the news that Indy has signed Kerry Collins, it’s clear that we’ve been giving way too much credit to the brain trust of the Indianapolis Colts.

I cannot emphasize enough how badly the Colts have screwed up this preseason.

1. There’s no reason to sign Collins unless they are concerned with the health of Manning. If the health of Manning is so much in doubt, then Collins should have been signed weeks ago.

2. If they thought even for one second that Painter was vaguely capable of anything but what he’s done, then they simply have no idea what they are doing. Painter and Orlovsky’s play hasn’t been disappointing. It’s been bad. You can’t be surprised or disappointed when bad players play badly. I have nothing but contempt for anyone who expected or hoped for more from Painter.

3. If the Colts thought there was any chance Manning wasn’t going to be available, they should have been running an offense tailor made for an old QB. All preseason should have been filled with two tight end sets and run heavy looks.

I could not be more furious or disappointed in this news. It’s not just bad news because it means that Manning is hurt. It’s bad news because it means that the people running the team simply have no idea what they are doing. They have not judged their own players correctly and have not made realistic plans for what to do if Manning wasn’t ready. It’s too late now to get ready for the season.  That time was three weeks ago.

Kerry Collins will be a disaster in Indianapolis. He was behind a vastly superior line with a vastly superior run game in Tennessee, and looked awful last year.

The Colts have zero chance of winning any game that Manning doesn’t start in. Had they been prepping for this moment for the last three weeks and set up a viable Collins-friendly offense, I’d hold out hope they could steal a win.

They’ve been caught with their pants down, and there’s absolutely zero excuse for it. None.