Colts Players Doing Media Spots

A quick note:

Any talk about Indianapolis Colts’ players ‘missing an opportunity’ to reach out to fans by working out secretly is completely self-serving on behalf of the media.  In the past couple of weeks, Colts players have done multiple local media spots.  These do not include national interviews done with Austin Collie, Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clark. These are just a few instances of Colts’ players ‘reaching out’ to the fans through the local media.  This is by no means meant to be a thorough or exhaustive search of recent interviews.  Many of these occurred within the last two weeks or so, though a few might be a month or so old.

Mike Hart on Fox 59

Garcon on Fox 59

Charlie Johnson on 1070

Gary Brackett on 1070

Gary Brackett (again)

Garcon on 1070

Collie talks to WTHR

Castonzo on Fox 59

Vinateri, Silva, and Tamme talk to the Star. He was also on a news standup, but I can’t locate it now.

Delone Carter on XL950

Also, note that the Pat MacAfee show airs regularly as well.  He has interviewed Dallas Clark and Gary Brackett.

In addition many of the Colts have been active on Twitter, especially Robert Mathis who frequently comments and interacts with fans.

If the media wants to hunt down the Colts’ secret sessions, that’s fine. That’s the media’s job. However, for anyone to imply that the Colts players have been missing out on opportunities to interact with fans hasn’t been paying attention.  The fans have had plenty of opportunities to see and hear from the Colts.  Do they want more? Some of us do. Some of us (like me) never get tired of seeing and hearing from the Colts.  The vast majority of fans probably haven’t seen most of these interviews, however.  Many didn’t even know they occurred.  A lot of people may say they want more interviews from the Colts, but unless they’ve run down the full list of all the opportunities they’ve already had, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for them.

The local media is not concerned with fans. They are concerned with making money, as they should be.  That’s not a slam or an insult, but rather a simple reality.  The Colts sell.  I have no problem with the media.  I just cringe when I hear anyone talking about the media as ‘servants’ to the fans.  They serve themselves. Media, including blogs, is a business.  There’s no altruism involved.

This current dispute has nothing to do with ‘the Colts’. It’s all about Peyton Manning.  He’s the one singled out by Kravitz yesterday. He’s the one everyone wants to hear from.  The story ought to be that Manning, who is no longer under contract to the Colts, is preparing full-speed ahead for the season. He’s making it clear from these workouts that he 100% expects to be in a Colts’ uniform next season.  He clearly doesn’t want to answer questions about his contract or his kids, so he’s gone silent.

As long as there’s any discussion about this, let’s make it clear who the target is: Manning.

Frankly, I don’t care if Manning talks to the local media.  I’m thrilled he’s working out with the Colts players.  He’d be fully within his rights to ‘hold out’ from these workouts. Instead, the story is that he’s planning them, running them, and footing the bill for them.  If his greatest sin in the whole thing is that he doesn’t want to talk about it, I’m good with that.