Colts play the Steelers close thanks to strong D

The Colts defense stepped up big time, allowing the Colts O to keep it close throughout the game. While both Collins and Painter struggled with accuracy the Colts rushed for 97 yards on 21 carries with Addai over 5 YPC. The Colts won the turnover battle 3 to 1, came up with 3 sacks and allowed just 16 points (the Steelers scored 7 off a sack-fumble).

The Colts gave one of the presumtive top teams in the league all they could handle, in their best performance of the year. The Colts still had trouble defending 3rd and longs through the air, but they held the Steelers to just 2.3 YPC on the ground.

Whether it comes from a Kerry Collins better intgrated with the offense, or a more experienced Curtis Painter the Colts showed they have a team that can perform at a high level. The Colts aren’t a playoff team, but given their performance tonight it’s quite unlikely they stay winless for much longer.