Colts improved, lose anyway, 19-27

The Colts offense moved the ball regularly, unlike last week, but were unable to find the endzone until the final minute, still had too many drives going nowhere and turned the ball over twice. Indy ran well again with both Addai and Carter averaging over 4 YPC. Collins was greatly improved, but still rough, completing only half of his passes and throwing for under 200 yards.

Defensively the run D and pass rush were solid, but Colt McCoy was able to elude and find open targets. While Browns backs rushed for 96 yards on 31 carries, McCoy did his best Pennington impression completing nearly 70% of his passes without a completion over 30 yards. 

With the improvement over last week by Collins (who has still been in the offense less than a month) and a decent showing from the defense there’s still reason to believe the Colts can win some games.