Colts fall 34-7 to Texans

It wasn’t pretty, the Colts turned the ball over inside their own 20 twice in their first three drives and allowed 17 points in each of the first two quarters. In the 2nd half Indy stepped up allowing no points and getting on the board with a Collins to Wayne touchdown. While the Texans were run heavy and playing soft zone throughout the 2nd half the Colts showed that a team has to at least be playing to win in order gain ground on them.

Collins was 16 for 31 for 197 yards, taking 3 sacks and losing two fumbles. The Indy running game showed promise gaining 4.3 YPC between Joseph Addai and Delone Carter.

After struggling, especially defending short fields left by the Indy offense the defense stepped up in the 2nd half allowing no points and only 120 yards with two turnovers.

The Colts OL clearly needs more time to develop and it was obvious Kerry Collins had been in the offense for less than 3 weeks. While the Colts didn’t look at all like a contender, there are signs they can win more than a few games this season.