Charting a Drive: Playoff Bound

Kasey Klipsch is back with his weekly piece

For some reason, while attending this game, I never got nervous or worried.  It could be that by the time it was obvious that the Titans had come to play, the Texans had already started pounding on the Jags.  In any case, during the game I was loose and able to enjoy myself.  When I came back to watch it again I couldn’t believe how much urgency I should have felt.  I decided to chart the Chris Johnson scoring drive, as I believe this drive highlights the critical flaw of the Colts defense: they cannot stop the intermediate pass!  As per usual the drive starts after a good return by the Titans.

Play: Johnson right end run for 12 yards.  Tackled by Connor & Francisco
Titans Formation:  2 WR (1 close left, 1 wide right) / 1 TE (right) / 1 FB (offset I left)
Colts Formation:  4-3 standard
– Hughes goes inside on a double by TE and pulling LG.
– Moala also inside, blocked to the ground behind LOS by the RG.
– Mookie pushed a yard back by the C.
– Freeney handled by LT.
– Angerer takes the wrong line and is outrun by Johnson.
– LT blocks Brackett enough to spring Johnson for the big gain.
– Bethea misses the tackle for a 7 yard gain, but slows him enough for the remaining Colts to catch up.

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