Chad Ochocinco is #Winning

Chad Ochocinco (ex Johnson) was in Carmel on Tuesday mingling with fans on behalf of Reebok.  Our interview team of Nate Manahan and Chad Braham were there to capture the event and get a few words from the Bengals wideout.

It’s always amazed me how similar the numbers have been for Johnson/Ochocino and Reggie Wayne throughout their careers:

G Rec Yards YPR TD Pro Bowls All Pro
Johnson/Ochocino 151 751 10783 14.4 66 6 2
Regie Wayne 157 787 10748 13.7 71 5 1

It doesn’t come any closer than that.  In fact, the number one spot for wideouts most similar to Reggie Wayne is: Chad Ochocinco.

Nate Manahan and Chad Braham work for WORD on Cancer, Women’s Oncology Research and Dialog.  Their mission is to aid in the diagnosis and awareness of gynecological cancers.

Take some time and get familiar with their site, and find out how you can help fight cancer in women.