Capturing Memories

A couple of weeks ago, my family celebrated a special day.

I took my two oldest children to their first Colts game.

It’s a day that I’ve been longing for a long time. As you know, no one takes the concept of building a heritage of fandom for his kids more seriously than I do.

So when it came time to commemorated the special day, I knew just where to turn.

Easy Canvas Prints had offered me the opportunity to turn any photo into a special work of art. The name of the business gives it away, they turn photos to canvas prints. While they don’t reprint licensed material, there are scores of ways a sports fan can take advantage of personal photos to create a special image. I knew I’d be taking the kids to a game soon, so I waited for just the right opportunity to create a unique and memorable piece.

As we walked toward the Luke, I asked my wife Deb to hang back a few steps to snap the perfect shot.

She got it.

Understand, I’m more of an appreciator of art than a maker of it. Normally, an awesome photo would stay stuck in a folder in the My Pictures archive, gathering virtual dust. Getting a photo matted and framed can be costly and complicated. I’ve got lots of neat pictures that I’ve just never managed to turn into anything the world can see, just because it seemed like too much work.

Easy Canvas Prints made turning my digital photo into a part of our home simple.

Their interface was easy to use and within days, I had a lasting memento from one of the truly special moments of my life. They offered a variety of sizes which made it easy to pick the perfect look for my office. I went with small and tasteful, but honestly I think if I had realized how great the final product would look, I might have gone bigger. Now, I have an amazing picture all ready to hang in my home. The result is was a beautiful canvas that I already treasure.

Easy Canvas Prints make for an awesome gift that is also easy to put together. They’ve got my highest recommendation, and I’ll be using them again soon.

Here are the before and after shots:

*Other than the canvas, I received no other compensation for this endorsement. Other than the words ‘photos to canvas’, every word and opinion is my own. If it wasn’t awesome, I’d tell you. It is awesome, so I’m telling you that instead. This is a great product, and I’m thrilled to have one.