Best of Luck to Chad Spann

Chad Spann told the full story of his release. 

“Really, it’s a numbers game,” Spann said. “Right now, with Indy, I made the 53-man roster, but there’s a lot of other injuries on the team as well. We had a bunch of injuries, and you can only dress 46 people in a game. We barely have 46 healthy bodies.

“We had five running backs, and I was the one that was hurt. To make space to get other people in we put me on injured reserve.”

A player on injured reserve is not available for the season. However, Spann and the Colts reached an injury settlement, which Spann defined as “an agreement that I will be injured for a certain number of weeks.” Spann said he will be ready to return from injury in a couple weeks.

We wish him the best, and hope to see him back with another team soon.  You always want to root first for the player to get a new spot on a roster as soon as possible.

If nothing else, here’s hoping he’s back with the Colts or on the practice squad in November. We’re proud of him for making the intial roster, and hope his NFL dream is far from over.