Bell: medical questions on Manning

A good list of questions

What were the symptoms that led to this? “Do you remember how several times during the season people wondered about Manning’s arm strength — there were some inaccurate throws, occasionally underthrown balls, atypical for him. I wondered about it. If his shoulder was being affected because of issues in his neck, it could have led to some of that. (Reason: muscles in the shoulder get their nerve supply, and consequently their power, from the nerve roots in the neck. If those nerve roots are being compromised in any way, it can impair function, even in a subtle fashion, in the upper extremity. It’s always hard to say definitively from a distance — and it’s virtually impossible for me to comment on it without knowing WHICH levels were involved or what symptoms he was experiencing.”

I don’t actually remember those questions at all, except by Jaworski after a rough quarter in the KC game. His completion percentage was right on par with his normal, despite a league leading number of dropped passes.