Announcing the Winners

Before a I get to the winners of this week’s Name that Colt contest, let me remind you all to tune in to WIBC 93.1 today at 3:15. I’ll be talking Colts football with Jersey Johnny.

Now, back to the contest. If you’ll recall the prize is a $25 gift certificate to the Indianapolis Colts Grille. I’m giving two prizes today: Best Nickname and Funniest Nickname. There were over 100 entries, and picking the winners was difficult.

For those who don’t win, there’s still a great opportunity to head down to the Colts Grille this Tuesday night from 5-8 pm. There’s a free tasting of the food at the Grille, so RSVP and give it a try. I’ll be heading down there sometime after 5:30, so stop by and say hi!

Now, without futher ado, here are my favorite entries from the contest, followed by the winners:



Several of you made me laugh out loud including:

CSB85: Jacob Lacey as “Tim Jennings”

Matt_Has and JKline86: Curtis “Finger” Painter

Matt_Has: Clint Session as “Kimbo Slice”

Lell87: Jacob Tamme as “Ft. Worth” (He’s close to Dallas, but not close enough)

JKline 86: Clint Sessions (this is funny, but it was also my idea…made me laugh though).

TheJoshBaker: Pierre Garcon as “Dropalopagus”. This got the biggest laugh out of me, but it’s also a little to mean to be a lasting winner. I think Garcon is on his way to being a star, so I’m going to let it slide.


It was a hotly contested category, but the winner has to be FreeneyAlwaysHeld with:

“Dammit” Donald Brown

It’s a great nickname because it encompasses everything Don Brown is capable of, both good and bad. I got a laugh out of it, but if DB does turn the corner, people will be saying it with an entirely different meaning. Congrats, FreeneyAlways Held!


This was tougher, because most of the entries were funny. Here’re the ones I liked the most.

Lell87: Brandon Stokely “The Slot Machine”

BMS: Rob Morris “The General”


Thomas H wins for Adam “Money” Vinateri. 

Thomas wrote this: “If you watched Tony Dungy during the 2006 play-off run, one camera was on Tony as Adam kicked a field goal. Although you couldn’t hear what Tony said, he mouthed one word, “Money”.”

It’s simply, classy, memorable, and dead, dead on. Congrats to Thomas H!

Winners should email me at to claim their prizes. I hope to see you all out at the Indianapolis Colts Grille on Tuesday.