Announcing the Winner of the Name that Chapter Contest

Before I get to the big announcement, let me remind you all to tune into 93.1 WIBC at 3:45 today to hear my interview with Jersey Johnny.

On Wednesday, I announced a contest to ‘name’ this Colts season in case I ever update Blue Blood.

First prize this week is a Indianapolis Colts wall banner!

CVS Flags has a great selection of flags and accessories out right now. I got one in the mail yesterday, and I have to tell that it’s gorgeous. It’s high quality and subtitle for indoor or outdoor use. I’m super stoked about it. The winner of this contest is getting a great prize this week!

Before I get to the winner, here are some of my favorites:

nkmanahan  “Thank God we didn’t sign Haynesworth and Ochocinco”

kc662  A play on Lebron’s “Witness”  I see a picture of Jim Caldwell with his hands in the air, not in celebration, but in frustration, with a shredded up playbook replacing the powder, and just one word… “Witless”.  (ouch man, a little harsh…but I laughed). He also had “Cluster-Luck” and “The seasons that shall not be named”.

jado825 To steal one of Nate’s Favorite sayings: “Regression to the Mean”

serutan “The Mayans Were A Year Off.”

Blue North “Winter Dance Party 2011” (This one is my second favorite. Very sneaky and funny. Google Winter Dance Party or American Pie (the song) if you are too young to get this).

MrNFL “Oh no, we suck again!”

mattshedd Toxic Shock

There were more than 100 total comments, and most had multiple entries. So, when I say that that this one is the best, it’s both a serious accomplishment, but also a matter of taste.



Watching Paint’ Try

For book purposes, I would probably change it to: Caught Watching the Paint’ Try.

It’s an outstanding job.

Theinfelix, send me an email to claim your prize!