When Did He Become a Legend?

Let’s tackle a mailbag question this Saturday. Today’s column is brought to you by my book on Colts’ history, Blue Blood.  It’s available at bookstores in Indianapolis and through many online retailers.  It makes a great Christmas gift.

Ajit writes:

Briefly- I started watching football in 1998 at 13 years old. I didn’t have a favorite team but I enjoyed watching the Rams. In fact, I rooted against Manning when I first saw them play each other. But something changed. I saw something then that was undeniable to me but somehow the media refused to acknowledge-he was special. And from that point on, I have been a die-hard Colts fan.

My brother asked me if was Manning always like this, and I hesitate because I don’t quite know how to answer. I believe he was the best QB in the league from 2003 and onward, but in 03, was he an all time great and when exactly did he become best ever?

An interesting factoid, Trent Dilfer once commented to Collin Cowherd. Cowherd asked Dilfer is Manning really the best ever? Dilfer replied succinctly-”Colin, it is a WIDELY accepted belief among NFL personnel that no one player has had such an impact on a team’s win/loss record as Manning. Its not even a debate anymore”

This is a great question, and a fun one to tackle on a Saturday. There are certain games that were real benchmark moments for Peyton. I could give you a short answer, but I’m a know it all, so I’ll go through it game by game.

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