What we’ve learned

Now that the draft is over, let’s check out the lessons we’ve learned from this draft:

1.  The Colts do what they do. They are not concerned with anyone else’s opinion of their needs.

2.  The Colts’ answer at left tackle is on the roster.  His name is either Ugoh or Johnson.  Honestly, I’m still betting on Ugoh.  Nothing would surprise me at this point.

3.  The Colts don’t plan on changing anything anytime soon.  The first two picks were spent on clones of Freeney and Brackett.  Forget any plans on scheme or philosophy changes.  The Colts are restocking for exactly the same kind of team the next decade that they had this decade.

4.  The Colts want to be better in short yardage. I think we all should be stoked about the pick of Eldrige.  We’ve needed a big blocking TE/fullback, and now we’ve got one.  Apparently, the Colts think the solution to the run game woes is by getting better play from the guys on the roster and by bringing in a real full back.  Lots of fans were clamoring for that for a while now.

5.  The Colts are crazy deep. This is a team drafting backups in the first and second round.  That’s freaking awesome.  It means they are taking the best players they see, rather than reaching for needs.

Tomorrow or Monday I’ll give you all a realistic statistical look of what we can expect from this class next year and moving forward.