Way Too Early 2011 Mock Draft(s)

Projecting the draft is one of the most inaccurate, difficult, frustrating and fun things an NFL fan can do. It allows any fan to take the role of GM and build the team as he or she see’s fit. For this week, I’ve decided to put out a way too early 2011 mock draft for a few reasons. Mocks this early allow us to look at back our perceptions of players after their junior and sophomore seasons. A good amount of the players in these mocks will not be first rounders. As of now though, they have the best shot. Early mocks also allow us to see how a player develops, and compare past thoughts with present. They give us a tool to determine which players had fluke seasons, and which ones are truly special.  Last, I decided to do a dual mock draft. I invited a friend of mine to create his own. I always feel that one mock is never enough, and much more information can be garnered from comparing mocks than from looking at one alone. The mock was built from the ground up by both of us, including the order. To not be too much of a homer, we put the Colts at 31. We all know they should be lower. Also, I decided to include players that can enter the draft early next year, instead of just the seniors. If you would like to create your own mock, or muse on either of these, please do so in the comments section. Special thanks to Kazim Naqvi for creating an excellent mock on such short notice.

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