Peyton’s Finest Hour

My latest piece for Cold Hard Football Facts is up.  This piece was requested by Kerry Byrne as a lead in to today’s game.

But Manning came out of the break smoking, tearing apart a vaunted New England defense that collapses after half time. Over the span of two drives, he completed 6 of 8 passes, rushing for one touchdown and throwing for another. After he hit Marvin Harrison for a two-point conversion, the score was suddenly tied.

With 3:30 to play in the second quarter, the Patriots had the ball and an 18 point lead.  By the 4:06 mark of the third quarter, the lead had been completely erased. The blowout turned into a back and forth affair.
It was Peyton Manning’s finest hour.

It’s the story of 38-34, the Greatest Game in Indianapolis Colts history.

I’ve written a lot of about 38-34, but after all, it’s probably one of the greatest games in NFL history, so why not?