Kuharsky on Blue Blood

I want to give special thanks to Paul Kuharsky of ESPN.com today for his shout out to Blue Blood.

The book had a different tone than the blog — it’s less edgy and more straightforward. It’s also quite thorough. And I think any Indianapolis fan would enjoy Dunlevy’s detailed recounts and remembrances of the important games, developments and personalities for the team since the franchise’s relocation in 1984.

This is a good observation by Kuharsky.  The book is certainly less ‘edgy’ than 18to88.com.  That’s by design as I was aiming at a larger, broader audience than the rough and tumble blog world.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out the book yet, please do.  If you want a signed copy, you have a couple of chances to get one the next two days, or you can write me at 18to88@gmail.com.  I leave for Argentina on the 9th of August, so make sure and write before then!