Interview with Kevin Thomas

The Colts’ third round pick this year won’t see the field, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t working hard.

Kevin Thomas suffered a season ending knee injury in his first weekend with the club.  This is an original interview by Link Winter:

Every year, particularly the last few years, there are members of the Colts who slip away from the public consciousness, remaining mostly in the realm of fansite message boards and egghead analysts. We’ve seen our share of the walking wounded. There are those who have made contributions in the past–the Marlin Jacksons, the Tyjuan Haglers, the Anthony Gonzalezes (Gonzali? Gonzalae?)–they who are know quantities. They have made direct impact with their play on the field. Then, there are those such as Roy Hall, Michael Coe, and Dante Hughes; they who the team have had designs on, but have come up on the shorter side of fate.

And then there is Kevin Thomas, Jr.

Kevin Thomas was drafted by the 2010 Colts in the dreaded, cursed third round–as some would have you know it. He’s a pretty affable kid, in the limited acquaintance I’ve made with him. He’s been brought into one of the most enviable positions for any young corner in the league: drafted onto a perennial powerhouse Super Bowl runner-up, with a premiere pass-rush. It’s a defense to which his selection was tailored, with an enthusiastic, aggressive-yet-patient style; Thomas is a speedy, man-coverage type with excellent, natural ball skills. You may not see flashy interceptions all the time, but for every ball he may not catch, he’ll swat three down. But he’s also smart enough to play his zones, with a big enough body to be difficult for a receiver to push around.

What follows is an interview with one of the lost Colts of the 2010 season, Kevin Thomas, in Q&A format. Though he won’t play this year, he’s still diligently at work; don’t sleep on him to make contributions in 2011.

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