Inception-Movie Review

Inception is the best movie of the decade.

Alright, I know that the decade just started (or is just ending if you are actually paying attention, but whatever), so that’s not saying much. However, in 2019, Inception is so good that it might STILL be the best movie of the decade.

Inception is the story of ‘dream theives’, principally Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  They enter a subject’s subconscious through a chemically induced state and extract information.  Circumstances dictate that they are required to attempt the risky act of “Inception” which is planting an idea in a subject’s mind and making him believe it is his own, a much more difficult task than the normal ‘extraction’ of information.

That’s the plot, and as Sci-Fi ideas go, it’s basically a step up from half a dozen Deep Space Nine episodes.  What makes in Inception a remarkable film is that it is executed in a near flawless way.  Chris Nolan (Memento, Batman films) may be the best director working right now, and this may well have been his masterpiece.

Yeah, it’s even better than Dark Knight.

Inception is a the rarest of films.  It’s a legitimate action thriller with amazing philosophical depth and implications.  It is a complex and complicated film that still makes sense throughout.  It delivers the unexpected without resorting to cheap gimmick and tricks.  It is a perfectly acted film in which you can’t remember any one performance at the end of the movie because they all served the material so faithfully.  From solely an entertainment perspective, you’ll be on the edge of your seat throughout.  I literally leaned forward for the final hour of the movie.  It has the ingenuity of Memento with the budget of a Dark Knight.  Amazing.

Perhaps most imporantly, it contains some of the most imaginative and visually spectacular sequences since the Matrix.

Try and remember what you felt the first time you watched the Matrix.  Before it was a cliche.  Before you’d seen it a million times.  Do you remember that emotion of watching them pass through the metal dector and everything that happened after that?  Inception has those moments of “sheer wow”.  My wife and I turned to each other and we both shared the same thought, “I’ve never seen anything like this”. Moments like that are why I love cinema.  They don’t happen often anymore, so they are to be treasured when then they do.

This is a movie that would be too easy to spoil, so I won’t say more.  Go and see it.  Today.  This is an important landmark film. If you like action or Sci-Fi or just drama, go see it.  If you love acting, go see it. If you love directing and writing that are unparalleled, go see it.  If you love ideas and philosophy, go see it.

If you like movies at all, go see Inception.

It may well be the best movie of the decade…even if you start counting in 2001.