Great Night at Blue Crew

The book signing last night went great.  For those who haven’t been to Blue Crew, be sure to check it out soon.  It’s a great place for Colts fans.

The restaurant is kid friendly.

And best of all, it’s totally authentic.  Check this picture, and see if you can make out what’s in the upper right hand corner.

If you note the goal posts, you’ll see just to the right an upside down Mike Vanderjagt jersey.  Then there is a football protruding out of the wall (wide right!).  Next to the ball is the phrase “NFL MOST ACCURATE KICKER WAS HERE”.  Classic.  Painful, but classic.

All in all it was an outstanding evening.  Thanks to everyone who showed up.  It meant so much to me to meet you.  I’m grateful you choose to come here every day.  Thanks again to Blue Crew and to Patti Donahue whose staff did such a great job making us feel at home.