Freeney Mad at King

Normally, this is a “links” kind of story, but when I saw it this morning, I knew it had to get more attention.  On Monday, Peter King listed his five most feared pass rushers over the next five years.  Because he was trying to list younger players, he omitted Freeney.

Number 93 is not happy about that.

Perhaps Freeney got edged out because he’s 30. But it still didn’t sit well with him.

“So I guess it’s over?” he said, shaking his head.

Freeney is curious to know who NFL foes would prefer to face, him or Orakpo? “Would you rather see him or would you rather see me?”

What would be ideal, Freeney said, is a survey of the opposition.

“There has to be something said for longevity and consistency,” he said. “There’s only one year I didn’t get hurt where I didn’t have the stats. And look at how many fewer pass attempts we had against us.

Freeney is a smart man. Other than Manning, he does more interviews and makes more noise than any Colt.  He’s clearly positioning himself for a post-playing career in the media.  He’s 100% right in this case, but if you note his overall strategy for media exposure, it’s also brilliant.

He loves the media spotlight and is gaining a rep as a savvy interview and a smooth talker.

It should serve him well…

once he’s done being the most feared pass rusher in the NFL for the next five years.