Eyes in the Backfield-Eagles

18 Things to Watch for During Sunday’s Colts/Eagles Game

Clint Session says, “It’s only a flesh wound!”

Last week, the Colts stomped the Texans with one arm tied behind their back.  This week, they have a tough road test against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Colts are being held together with chewing gum and bailing wire, but still have a real shot at finishing the first half on pace for 12 wins.  This week, be on the watch for:

1.  Watch the polar opposites.  It’s hard to find to more different quarterbacks in terms of style and career arc. Manning is the cerebral pocket passer descended from football royalty.  Vick is the athletic scrambler pulling himself up by his bootstraps.  Manning plays every down, every game; Vick battles injuries constantly. Manning gives money to a children’s hospital; Vick, well, you know. What they have in common is that both have been careful with the ball in 2010. Manning has league best 15-2 TD:INT ratio, and Vick, who doesn’t qualify thanks to a lack of attempts, has yet to throw a pick in 2010.

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