Eyes in the Backfield-Cowboys

18 Things to Watch for During Sunday’s Colts Cowboys Game

Peyton Manning shot JR.

Last week, things didn’t go as planned.  Peyton struggled. The run game struggled.  The officials struggled. And the result was a loss for the Colts.  The margin of error for the 2010 Colts isn’t quite gone, but it’s safe to say they can’t really afford to give away another game.  With the ever popular Dallas Cowboys coming to town, here’s what to watch for this Sunday:

1. Watch the slump. It’s all anyone can talk about.  Peyton Manning’s passing stats have been in free fall since the carnage of the bye week.  Peyton has posted a passer rating under 70 in three of his last four games.  His yards per attempt has dipped below SIX five times in seven games.  Of course, injuries to Manning’s most reliable weapons has accounted for much of the slack, but that hasn’t stopped the vultures from circling.  The Colts need 18 to break out of his funk.  I mean, it’s been a whole month since his TD/INT ration was 15/2!

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