Eyes in the Backfield-Chargers

18 Things to Watch for During the Colts-Chargers Game

Huge bell in a German support trench

photo © 1918 National Library of Scotland | more info (via: Wylio)

Ok, so it’s a weathered bell.  Sue me.  Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of a bellwether?  Shut up.  You find me a picture next time, punk.

Last week, the Colts suffered one of the most heartbreaking losses in recent memory.  There’s no time to mope, however.  They have to jump right back into action this Sunday night with a big game against the Chargers. This game will determine the tenor of the rest of the Colts’ season.  Will they be firmly in control of the South?  Will it be a mad desperate dash to fight for a playoff spot?  Here’s what to watch as we find out which way the wind is blowing:

1. Watch the false narrative I reprinted an old post this week breaking down just how pathetic the story line of “Chargers own the Colts” really is.  Again, under Rivers, the teams have played 4 times (3 in San Diego). The Chargers have won three times.  Once by two points, once by four and once in OT.  All three games were fluky weird games.  Unfortunately, we’ll all be subjected to nonsense stats (back in 2005…) all weekend anyway.  I want the Colts to blow them out if for no other reason than to put to bed this nonsense.

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