Colts struggles familiar in OT loss to Dallas

No running game, little defense through the first 3 quarters, a pressured Peyton throwing multiple bad picks, stop me if this sounds familiar.

The Cowboys scored two touchdowns off Peyton Manning interceptions, were given second life on the goal line by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Eric Foster and got the ball on the edge of FG range in overtime after the 1st Colts drive stalled on a Reggie Wayne drop and a tipped pass was intercepted on Indy’s 2nd OT drive.

Indy doesn’t have the margin for error to overcome mistakes like this. While, as always, getting players back healthy will widen that margin and the Colts coming back from another big hole is encouraging, without better play they can’t do much more than limp to a 1st round exit, even healthy.

Maybe a healthy roster will relieve the pressure, stopping the mistakes, but right now they are going to have trouble keeping their heads above water long enough for key players to return.