Colts sign Hagler

Indy ‘solves’ the linebacker problem by bringing Tyjuan Hagler back and cutting Gijon Robinson.

Hagler has been a starter for the Colts whenever he’s been healthy. Robinson’s most famous play was not coming out of his stance on 3rd and 1 in San Diego.

No downside to this move…

UPDATE:  There were a couple of other practice squad signings:

The Colts also have added two players to the practice squad in fullback/tight end Matt Clapp and wide receiver Chris Brooks. The team had announced Tuesday the release of quarterback Tom Brandstater from the practice squad and had promoted wide receiver Blair White late last week to the active roster.

As a side note, now that White is a known commodity, I have to wonder if the Colts will risk putting him back on the PS.  I think he hangs around all season now.