Colts Bengals Live Game Blog

Join us for a live chat during tonight’s final preseason game.  Mercifully, the preseason is coming to an end.  Stop by at 6:45 (Indy time), and we’ll chat our way through the first half.  We’ll all watch the offensive line, the return game, as well as Jerry Hughes and Curtis Painter.

By way of ‘announcement’, next Monday I’ll unveil the 2010 NFL Predicted Standings It’s already done. I’m just sitting on it until Monday. I can’t guarantee that you’ll like it, but it amuses me to no end this year.  Also coming soon…“It’s Gonna Happen!” our 18 Bold Visions for 2010.  Finally, next Friday…it’s back! Eyes in the Backfield returns for its epic fourth season.  As for 18 Plays, you’ll have to wait until after the Houston game. We often do a preseason game, but there’s no way I’m watching that Green Bay mess again.

If you want an unmoderated slot guaranteed, email me between now and then.  I want to say a special thanks to Cass who has served as our ‘spotter’ this preseason.  Thanks for helping out.  The chats have been a lot of fun.  We don’t do them often during the season because it’s hard for me to follow the game while moderating, but they are a blast for games that don’t matter.

See you all tonight.

Colts Bengals Live Game Blog

Ok, crew.  Tonight’s live blog will be a little different than the others.  I’m trying to find a format that will work during the season and be more ‘re-readable’ than the free for all chat.

Tonight, only Demond and I will be permanently ‘green lit’.  I’ll post other comments as they come.  I’m looking for a more streamlined, easy to follow chat. Don’t be offended if your comment doesn’t get posted.  I’m looking for fewer  “Wow!s” or “Oh crap!s”.  It’s preseason, and it’s time to experiment, so cut me some slack.

The blog will cover the first half only tonight.  The second half of the last preseason game is always loaded with the guys who are about to get cut anyway.