Charting A Drive: How Good Were They?

Kasey Klipsch checks in with his weekly column


This was the first game I got to go to this year. Like usual when I go to a game, I had a different opinion of what happened than most people who watch on TV. I assume this difference is attributable to A) a lack of replay B) no running statistics at the game, and C) no commentary to influence my decision. In any case, I came out of the game thinking “Our QB played poorly, theirs played much worse.” The standard line of reasoning seemed to be quite different than this. I heard about how our defense played great, and Romeo Crennel had a great game plan. I was skeptical.


At the game it seemed that while our defense played acceptably the more likely explanation for our defensive success was the terrible play of Matt Cassel. At the beginning of the 4th quarter the Colts defense forced 2 three and outs. These seemed like perfect drives to inspect to see which narrative was more realistic.


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