Bullitt Done For the Year

This is tragic news for the Colts:

Colts S Melvin Bullitt, Bob Sanders’ replacement and Indy’s special team captain, is out for season with broken bone in his right shoulder.

Bullitt had played poorly through four games, but the Colts’ couldn’t afford to lose him.  At some point, you knew the sheer weight of injuries would swallow this club whole, and as another body goes down, you have to wonder if 2010 will be the year.

Bullitt is a leader on the team, a great guy with a good attitude.  On the field he’s an acceptable safety (most of the time), but not a dynamic performer by any means.  The Colts decision not to put Bob Sanders on IR could end up being a season saver at this point.

Once again, we see why it’s foolish to ever criticize players for being ‘soft’ or ‘injury prone’.  Some guys are injury prone, but they don’t deserve vitriol for it.  We’ve seen too many starters go down, only to lose the backups too.

In the NFL, injuries take everyone down eventually.