18to88 Video Interview with Marshall Faulk

In honor of Marshall Faulk’s induction to the Hall of Fame, we present this classic 18to88.com post from last November.

Marshall Faulk was the most gifted athlete I’ve ever seen in a Colts uniform.  As I discussed in Blue Blood, Faulk was watershed back in NFL history, and was electric in a Colts uniform.

On Monday, he was at Daleville Elementary as part of the Proctor and Gamble Take it to the House program, and to support the NFL’s Play 60 initiative.

18to88.com was there to cover the event.  Faulk gives amazing answers to questions about playing with a young Marvin Harrison, comparisons with Joe Addai, and was it harder to lose the Super Bowl or to the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game.


Here is part of Faulk’s address to the children at Daleville Elementary

Once again, I want to give special thanks and recognition to my close friends Nate (whose boy Mike Hart had the night of his life on Monday) and to Chad Braham (for his video work).  Nate and Chad work for for Women’s Oncology Research and Dialogue.  You can find out more about their work to diagnose and development treatments for gynecological cancers at WORDoncancer.org.  These guys work hard to raise awareness and funds to help save the lives of women across the country. Please visit their website and get educated on this important topic.

Next week, the guys will be heading out to interview Joseph Addai. On Tuesday, he’ll be at the Fed Ex Office at 120 Monument Circle, in downtown.  He’ll be supporting the “Pack and Ship” promotion from 10:30-noon. He’ll help you pack and ship your packages and there will be autographs and memorabilia just for coming by the store.So if you want to meet Joseph Addai, head downtown next Tuesday.  Say hi to the 18to88 crew while you are there.