18 Questions with Nathan Whitaker

You may not know who Nathan Whitaker is, and you probably wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a crowd, but if you are a Colts’ fan, there’s a good chance you’ve read one of his books.

Nathan is the co-author of all three of Tony Dungy’s bestsellers:  Quiet Strength (Tony’s autobiography), Uncommon (a book of life advice to young men), and their new book The Mentor Leader.  I have reviewed all three books here at 18to88, and have been moved by them and deeply valued them.

I ‘met’ Nathan for just a few seconds at book signing in Carmel, and was struck with his humility.  He knew everyone was there to see Coach, but was warm and gracious to all.  When I got home, I looked him up on line and was fascinated to see the eclectic life he had already lived for a young man. I looked him up on twitter, and He was gracious enough to be interviewed for 18 Questions. In the interview, we’ll discuss his books, his football career as a player for Steve Spurrier and in NFL front offices, as well as what Tony Dungy is really like, and whether he thinks Tony will ever coach again.

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