18 Plays Writeup: Titans

It’s hard during the holiday season to get our schedules together enough to do the podcast.  Here are my observations from the Titans game. 18 Plays is brought to you by Broad Ripple Tree Service.  5% discount on tree work if you mention 18to88.

1. 3-14-TEN 48 (10:10) (Shotgun) 18-P.Manning pass incomplete short left to 31-D.Brown

The Colts opening drive ended in a punt, and this was exactly the kind of play that I wanted to see from Peyton.  Indy went empty backfield with Don Brown split wide left.  Wayne stops short as an outlet receiver, and Brown runs for the sticks.  Coverage is tight and rather than drop a pass over the top and risk a safety coming down or trying to thread the needle along the sideline and risk the corner undercutting it, Manning throws the ball low and away.  He had plenty of time to throw, but the play just wasn’t there, so he threw a safe low percentage pass.  The result was an incompletion and a punt.  IT WAS NOT AN INTERCEPTION.  I felt it was a good start, and a sign Peyton was going to be more under control.

2. 3-5-TEN 12 (8:14) (Shotgun) 5-K.Collins pass incomplete short right to 18-K.Britt

The Colts get good push up the middle on the Titans first possession. The result is that Collins can’t really step into his throw and tosses high and wide to Britt who is standing a yard or so short of the first down.  Collins doesn’t deal well with pressure in his face and threw inaccurately.

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