Who we really are (as if it matters)

Deshawn Zombie:


Real Name: Nate Dunlevy

Why you should take my opinions on 18to88.com seriously: For the same reasons you should take any author seriously.  If you enjoy my writing, and find my analysis accurate, I’m qualified.  It’s the only true qualification that matters.

Why I’m not a sportswriter: I chose not to pursue a career in sports journalism simply because God called me to do something for Him.  I’ve always loved sports, and I love to write.  But the world’s on fire with poverty, death, and sin, and for now, I have other work to do.  I write 18to88.com for fun with my brother to help develop my skills as a writer, connect with other Colts’ fans, and as a stress reliever.

Updated:  I officially joined the PWFA.  I guess that means I am a sportswriter.  Weird.  Everything I said is still true though.

Graduated from:
Pike High School
Grace College (BAs in Business Administration, Biblical Studies, Christian Ministries, minor in Spanish)
Grace Theological Seminary (Masters of Divinity in Intercultural Studies)

Current job:
Church planting missionary, La Plata, Argentina

Family status:
Married to Deb, three children

Comment: Although I am an Indianapolis resident, I live and work most of the time with extremely impoverished people on the south side of La Plata in Argentina.  I’ve served as an inner city missionary for the past six years along with my wife.  We seek to aid the people of our neighborhood in both physical and spiritual ways.  My main area of study is in intercultural dynamics, especially Hispanic culture.  It is my passion to serve Jesus Christ by serving the urban, Spanish-speaking, poor in any way possible.  I invite any inquires of a personal nature to be sent to ndunlevy@gmail.com.


Demond Sanders:

Real Name: Luke Dunlevy

Why you should take my opinions on 18to88.com seriously: You definitely shouldn’t.

Why I’m not a sportswriter: I’m a fan.  An insane fan.  Ask my college friends about the number of television remotes I smashed during the 2001 and 2002 Colts seasons.  I love the Colts and it is a lot of fun to write about the amazing career of one Peyton Williams Manning.  I enjoy running a small business, but if I ever gave that up I’d like to write children’s books or be a drunk.   

Graduated from:
Pike High School 1999
Indiana University 2003 (BS in Business Management, Entrepreneurship)

Current job:
I’m a certified arborist, and I sell tree care equipment online at TreeStuff.com.

Family status:
Married to Erin, father of Clark and Alice

Comment: I live and work on the northside of Indianapolis.  A great place to be if you love sports.  Looking forward to another Super Bowl and a sixth banner in Assembly Hall.  Peyton, you can reach me at lukedunlevy@gmail.com if you ever want to do an interview.