We’re #1! We’re #1!

I’m not sure how I missed this (oh yeah, it was in the Toronto Star, that’s how), but BBS has called attention to a nice little honor for the Circle City.  Apparently, Indy finally is getting some recognition for its massive commitment to sports on all levels two professional teams and was named


The methodology was bizarre, but hey, the results are sound.  The cities were ranked based on winning percentage of the pro franchises.  This is awesome, of course, but utterly unsurprising.  The Colts’ ability to post double digit wins in 7 of 8 seasons certainly tipped the scales.

I’m a little tired of these studies just centering on the big 3 (4?) sports.  The joke is that if anyone would look at Indy apart from just professional success, it would be clear that our fair city is a massive hub for sport on all levels (Thanks, Mayor Hudnut).  The article rightly pointed that out, despite not considering anything other than the winning % of the Colts and Pacers. 

I anticipate much whining from other cities over this.  Whatever.  It’s Memorial Day weekend.  If you can’t be proud to be from Indy this weekend, then you might as move to Philadelphia where you can bask in your incurable self-loathing in peace.  Sometimes I wonder why I love sports so much.  Maybe it’s genetic.  Maybe it’s my dad’s fault.  Maybe, I was just lucky to be born in Indianapolis, IN during one of the greatest concentrations of effort at fostering and promoting sports in national memory.

I’m not complaining.

By the way, the worst city in North America?  Cincy.  Suck. That doesn’t make me happy AT ALL.

Demond Sanders:  Here’s what I would call the original duel at Indy.  Listen to the excitement in the announcers voices.  Extremely close finishes at IMS are a relatively new phenomenon. 

Donald Brown is going to be incredible.  He reminds me of AG.  GREAT work by Phil Richards.  This makes me thrilled about the upcoming season.

Via Oehser, Caldwell speaks.