WBC…Everything I said it was

Some observations:

1. Ignore the empty stands. Miami is a crappy place to play this game. They don’t show up for the Marlins either.

2. If Jeter isn’t the most limited defensive shortstop in MLB, I don’t know who is. I watch him fail to make that play up the middle all the time. Dude has the range of Schwarzenegger.

3. If you don’t like the WBC, you don’t like baseball. I’m sick of the injury talk. Guys get hurt in spring training games all the time. They aren’t made of glass. Still, the set I favor most is to do it in the middle of season every four years. Crowds and ratings would be through the roof.

4. For the record: the USA plays tonight to determine their ‘seed’. If they win, they play Saturday at 9; if they lose, they play Sunday at 8. The finals are Monday night at 9. All games are on ESPN. WATCH!

OT stays the same. Good.  I’ve never seen the need for a change.