The War of 1812

Perhaps the most instensely debated issue in football over the past decade is whether Tom Brady or Peyton Manning is the NFL’s premiere quarterback.  On Sunday night, the two QB’s may meet for the last time in the 00’s.  It could be the last chance for either of them to prove why they should be considered the top quarterback of their era.  There have been thousands upon thousands of words written on the subject.  Brady supporters point to his three Super Bowl titles.  Manning fans reply with Peyton’s overal superior statistics.  Tom’s backers counter that when Brady had the recievers, he broke all of Manning’s records.  Peyton’s camp retorts that when Manning had a supporting cast on par with Brady’s he took the Colts to the Super Bowl.  It’s a debate that may seemingly never end…
Until now!  It’s pretty clear that when you compare the successing of Manning and Brady, you’re left with a near tie.  However, what few people consider are the duo’s flaws.  I mean, if you go 18-0 and then lose the Super Bowl, that’s gotta detract a bit from your legacy.  Likewise, if you set the NFL record for touchdown passes in a season, only to watch your team get bounced out of the playoffs by only putting up three points, that’s also pretty bad.  Today, two of Indy and New England’s biggest fans will attempt to put the Brady/Manning debate to rest once and for all. will be posting an article highlighting Tom Brady’s flaws. will be countering with Peyton Manning’s biggest downfall.  When it’s all said and done, Dave of will get his long-time friend Peter King to judge each each quarterback point by point and finally declare once and for all who the QB of the Decade truly is!
18 to 88’s Take on Tom Brady:
1. Most annoying in-game habit
Chilling on the sidelines drinking cocktails and schmoozing with Pat O’Brien.  Douche.

2. Worst press conference moment

“We’re only going to score 17 points?” Brady said before chuckling about it. “OK. Is Plax playing defense? I wish he had said 45-42 and gave us a little credit for scoring more points.”
Tom Brady-3 days before putting up 14 points in the Super Bowl.  Arrogant bastard.

3.  Lamest Advertisement

Oh no. No, no, no.

4. Worst Player Backed Up in College

Brian Griese.  Really Tom?  You had to see a sports psychologist because you couldn’t beat out Brian Griese?

5. Lamest Photo

It’s so hard to choose…

Goat lover?

Or cowboy lover?

6. Worst facial feature

His giant Ass Chin (not to be confused with a Giant Ass chin)

7. Wussiest Rule Change

The Brady Rule.  Oh no, big man.  Don’t fall at my feet!  Oh, not my head either, that’s too high!  Aim right in the middle there…ah, that’s much better!

8. Biggest scandal

He sent his goons to shoot up some photojournalists at his Costa Rican wedding ceremony.  Massel Tov!  Nothing says, “My super model girlfriend and I will be together forever!” quite like attempted murder.

9.  Lamest Celebrity fan

Elton John.  Can you feel the love tonight?
Now that you’ve seen Tom Brady dissected, head over to to hear them rip Peyton Manning Apart!

Then take a trip to, where Peter King will put together all the pieces and declare our winner!