Tuesday Links

Eventually, there will be some.  For now, those few who are interested can check out my brief summary of the book version of Watchmen.

Dusty sent out the worst lineup I have ever seen yesterdayThis guy was hitting third.  8 unearned runs later, they won the game.  Baseball is awesome.

Kuharsky weighs in on the new ESPN power rankings.  I have no gripe with where Indy is.  Could the Horse be elite? Sure.  There aren’t many question marks, but the ones that are there are significant. 

CHFF posts the their Loser List.  They speculate that Manning could make it someday…uh, not likely, though I suppose if he played long enough, he would eventually have to.

Peyton isn’t happy about the coaching situation.  Why should he be?  It’s been confusing for everyone, and no matter what the team is saying publicly, it sounds like things are as much of a mess behind the scenes as it’s seemed to the rest of us.  I’m telling you, Dungy squeezed out a win or two a year just on the basis of being better prepared and more stable than other staffs.  The coaching situation may not prove disastrous, but I’ll say it again…it’s not a good thing.  Changing coaches in May simply isn’t the best way to run a team.
UPDATE:  The new Star version of this story on Wednesday morning contains this quote:

Owner Jim Irsay plans to rehire Moore and Mudd as consultants in
time for the start of training camp Aug. 2, basically keeping intact
the team’s offensive brain trust. According to Larry Kennan, executive
director of the NFL coaches association, that will be allowed, with a

told ESPN.com late Tuesday that a clarification from an attorney
representing the Employment Retired Income Security Act (ERISA), a
government agency that regulates pension plans, paves the way for Moore
and Mudd to return as consultants.

long as Howard and Tom pay their own taxes for the next six months,
they can return to the Colts as paid consultants, I’d say effective
right away, based on what the ERISA attorney just told me,” Kennan


Oehser chimes in with more quotes from Peyton.  I think these clarify even more what he’s thinking.  The problem is that STILL no one knows who the OC is going to be. This situation is seriously messed up.  If 18 doesn’t know what the hell is going on, who does?  Maybe Florio knows? </sarcasm>. 

By the way, great work again from our favorite blogger.  I swear, his stuff is unparalleled.  He has both the access of the mainstream press and the speed of a blogger.  Add his excellent analysis, and you have internet gold.  I swear, I go on his site and nitpick stuff just to establish that I can still read him critically.  This was some of his best work today.  He took a story I read first in the Star (props, Chappell), and illuminated it further.  Great work, John. </fawning adoration> </HTML humor>

Polian weighs in:

Basically, Peyton is confused about the roles that Tom Moore and Howard Mudd
will have in the future. My answer is, welcome to the club. We’re confused, too.
The people that are supposed to have answers still don’t have answers. Whether
we can bring them back, when we can bring them back, remains to be seen. We
would love to have ‘em back but we don’t know in what capacity they will be
allowed. It’s still being researched.”

Clayton thinks Moore and Mudd will be back essentially in their previous roles.  Who knows anything at this point?

SI ranks the Colts backfield 10th.  Uh, I get the logic…except for the part where they rank the Patriots fourth.  Marooney and Fred Taylor?  Really?

Oehser has more amazing quotes about Ed Johnson this time.  The Freeney ones are especially good.  It seems that Caldwell had been staying in touch with Johnson the whole time he was gone.  Score one for the new coach.