Thursday Links

Other than needlessly jumping into a debate on Stampede Blue, I’m trying to get work done on my book and get ready for the birth of my third child.  Therefore, I make zero apologies for a short list of links today:

Dungy on the Dan Patrick show.  GREAT interview.  He says Polian had to sell him on the Zombie, but he sold Polian on Freeney.  Call it a wash.  He also talks Vick and Edge James’s HoF chances.

Kuharsky does a great profile on Anthony Gonzalez.  One of the best reads of the last few weeks.  This actually got me pumped for the season to start.

CHFF looks at dynasties in the NFL

5 different Colts make a list of the hypothetical 100 rookies with the most impact.

LA JAGS!  LA JAGS!  I believe the list is down to Buffalo, Minnesota, San Diego, and the Jags.

Prisco reviews the 2006 draft.  His score for the Colts seems low to me.  He gave the Texans an A, but the Colts had 4-5 starters and two Pro Bowl players.  He seems to be grading down because of Addai.  I swear, has the world gone mad?