It’s Saint Patrick’s day, and while I love all things Irish, including the heroic Patrick (who is tied for my all-time favorite ‘Saint’ along with Francis of Assisi), I figured the best way to celebrate my heritage as an Irishman is to look back at long bleak history of my favorite franchise.

So in honor of centuries of oppression and misery at the hands of the dirty English bastards, I’ve expanded the list of Toughest Losses in Colts History to 18 to match the other lists.  Read ‘em and weep.  It’s a gruesome bunch, for sure, but part of being a true fan of a team is to know the worst losses just as deeply as the best wins.  If you have any comments about any of those games, leaving them on the page with the games, please.  Don’t forget that there are still two open contests involving the Most Important Wins and Best Games lists.  Add a write up to one of those and win an official program from Super Bowl XLI. 

Like many before him, Kuharsky loves the way the Colts have drafted in the first round.  The only Colts pick not still with the team is Rob Morris.  We like how he turned out.

Demond Sanders:  Lucas Oil is in the running for a major stadium award.  Random fact alert:  Need some perspective on the financial crisis?  Check this out.