Rally Mask

A brief list of some of the things Bill Polian has done for Indianapolis:

1.  Drafted Peyton Manning.

2.  Drafted Edgerrin James.

3.  Hired Tony Dungy.

4.  Drafted Dwight Freeney.

5.  Won Super Bowl XLI.

6.  Won 115 games in a decade.

7.  Created a team known throughout sports for its class and competence.

8.  Hired and trained his son, Chris, to ensure the winning continues for years to come.

9.  Prevented the Colts from leaving town by building a consistent winner.

10.  Put the Colts in perfect position to win Super Bowl XLIV.

I have no idea what a Rally Mask is or in what situation you might wear one.  But I believe this with all my heart:  Indianapolis would not have a professional football franchise today if Bill Polian had not been hired in 1997.