Peyton Happier

Kuharsky has this new article up about the Colts coaching situation and Manning’s opinion about it.  In it are some revealing quotes:

Asked who calls the plays if Moore returns, Caldwell said that has yet
to be determined and that he’s working with what he has now.

So again, everyone who assumed that Manning should just accept Christensen as OC can shove it.  He’s not being asked to do that (yet).  In fact, the team still isn’t sure who will be calling plays.

Manning told the press

I don’t totally understand it all, but I do know that Jim Caldwell has a plan,
as he told me, kind of for the either-or scenario and that plan sounds good to
me and I’ll be there to support him in whatever direction we go,” Manning said.

So again, this wasn’t a case of Manning not getting on board with the team’s plan, but rather a case where the team actually has two different plans (at least) depending on when and how Moore and Mudd are allowed to return.

Reggie Wayne showed just how serious a flap this was(n’t) by joking to the media when asked about Manning,

Yeah, I just don’t know what’s wrong with that guy!

Again, no matter what anyone may have heard on Sirius Satellite Radio, the Colts do not currently have a firm OC in place, and Manning’s comments were born out of genuine (and understandable) confusion and frustration as opposed to some inherent ‘whiny’ gene. 

Frankly, the entire situation was no big deal, but should have been avoided.  I know things were in flux, but the front office has to do a better job of keeping Manning in the loop about little details like, oh, who the freaking OC is going to be, especially when one of the of the options may or may not be one of his closest coaching friends.  Some may say Manning should have said nothing about the situation when asked a direct question about it, but Oehser pointed out that Manning’s original comments weren’t taped, and did not sound as the same live as they did in print.


Here’s the ESPN field report

Oh geeze, another out of the blue surgery?  This time it’s AV’s hip.

Reggie Wayne has to take a new seat.  Is it just me or does that guy always come off as one cool cat?

FO looks at each team’s cap efficiency.    Indy does ok, which is an accomplishment considering they had the second highest overall team salary (just $1 million behind Minnesota).  Indy didn’t have much to roll forward, and that dropped them to 10th overall.

Damon Hack (his word, not mine) picks the Texans to contend in the South.  I agree.  I think one of the top two teams (Indy and the Titans) are going to regress significantly (3+ games).  I’ll let you guess which one I think is going down (hint…not the one this blog is dedicated to).

Johnny O weighs in with similar thoughts on the Manning comments.

The Big Man says NO to Freeney’s dream

Freeney comments on Ed Johnson

This is like one of those kids’ games where you try and point out how many things are wrong with the picture. Soooo much stupidity. I scarcely know where to start. They do realize he’s the reigning MVP of the league right?

Kid Joe had his knee scoped.  Huh.  Sounds routine, but makes you wonder how much pain he was in last year.

Saturday says the run game will improve.  The last time the line was this embarrassed was 2005 in the Pittsburgh game.  Me likey.